About the app

SMATrib is an analytical app designed to provide data-driven decisions in tribology. The app utilises an extensive database built from data obtained from testing on benchtop tribometers, both commercial and custom-made instruments.

Any experimentalist will tell you there is no such thing as a simple test. It will take a few hours to days to read protocols and literature in order to identify test conditions and necessary justifications. It will then take a few more days to assemble the necessary materials and begin testing. In the case of tribology tests, there are many test conditions that can be varied for a given test. Thus, after an initial test, there is always the question of how the results would change if different test conditions were used. This can lead to several cycles of testing. Often, there is a limit on cost and resources that can go into testing. This app has been created to overcome these limitations and allow researchers to gain insight on their tests without any of the hassle that comes with it. The app utilises historical records to develop highly accurate predictive models.

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Friction and wear prediction

Gain a estimate of friction and wear values for your lubricant, coating or surface treatment

This module is applicable to materials with standard surface finish. The module allows prediction of friction and wear at varying testing conditions. For lubricated contacts, the module generates Stribeck curves.


Lubricant formulation

Performance of lubricants in tribological contacts is dependent on various properties of the lubricants such as the viscosity and additive composition. This module will predict lubricant additives that will provide tribological improvement to your application given the test conditions.

Material selection

Significant research has been conducted to develop materials and coatings with enhanced tribological performce. In this module, you will be able to predict suitable material or coatings for your application.

Surface optimisation

Surface finish has always been critical in the tribological performance of many components. In this module you'll predict optimized surface height and hybrid parameters as well as micro-texture patterns.

How to use the app

This app is designed for those knowledgeable in tribology concepts. See the articles page for tutorials on how to use the app. Get in touch if you have further questions.